Saturday, 28 December 2013

Terryl Whitlatch Creature Design Contest.

As some of you may know, Terryl Whitlatch is easily one of my favourite artists. For the last two months she's been holding a creature design contest that I recently entered. The only rules were: 1. The creature has to be imaginative 2. It has to be anatomically correct. So instead of looking into Dragons, Mythical beasts and all assortment of creatures that run rampant on art sites I figured I'd look at a creature I thought was pretty beautiful, but also not heard of too much. The Sea slug. And so here are my roughs leading up to my final product:
If you'd like to see the other entries check out the facebook event for it, found here:

Shark Invaders

Some roughs for an unfinished Character of the Week entry. The topic, aliens that look like sharks. I based them quite heavily on Port Jackson sharks. If only for the very front of the mouth.
And here are the initials and the worked up sketches. No finished product though sadly, I may look into this when I get some spare time again.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Storyboarding

So for our first project for second year of university we got given a page from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script, and then adapt it into a storyboard. I actually really, really enjoyed this project. I'd always been interested in storyboarding, but now I know I'd love to do more of this. Hopefully my future projects will allow this. Script:

Bio-diverse Colony - Finals

And now for the final images of the 'Bio-diverse Colony'.

Bio-diverse Colony - Sketches

A few months back I entered the 300th Creature of the Week competition on I didn't win, but I did come second, and that's pretty good! So here are my sketches for the 'Bio-diverse colony'. A colony of the same species, adapted differently for each of their respected tasks.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Necromancers Familiar

So it's been a while since I entered and completed a 'Creature of the Week' contest held on (by the way I'd really recommend checking them out if you're looking to improve your creature design, helped me in leaps and bounds), but this week I felt I had the time to do it. And so here's the steps I took to create 'The Weaver'. Brief: -the familiar is the result of one of the necromancer's rituals, so base it's appearance on the undead in some way, it can resemble a rotting zombie-like carcass, animated bones of some kind, or more ghostly and spirit-like -depict this creature being involved with the necromancer in one of his rituals. It can be as significant or as useless as you like -You may include the necromancer if you wish, but the familiar must be the main focus of the image So after reading this I decided I wanted a creature that would eat the parts of decaying creatures or people, swollen and grotesque.
Originally I had wanted a multi-headed creature; but after testing out different jaws it made the creature look too predatory and powerful, when I wanted it to appear mostly dim-witted but determined. So with that I chose to carry on with sketch #1
Having now chosen which design I would continue on with I needed to present the creature doing what it does best, feasting on corpses. And so I chose to summon an undead bear to make a dent in it's insatiable hunger. Now it was just time to clean it up and make it presentable:
And so the creature is finished. Concept The Weaver is an amalgamation of necrotic parts, constantly craving the flesh and bones of the deceased, its hunger insatiable. Feeding on the results of failed experiments and those that grow too curious as to its masters dark dwellings in the neighbouring villages and hamlets, the Weaver will sate itself on their essence and take their parts into its own, limbs and assorted parts sprouting from it's thin pasty skin. Should its master ever be mortally wounded, or suffer the loss of a limb the familiar will regurgitate the relevant materials and using it's spider-like forelimbs weave the limb in place, extending it's masters life.

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Female Blacksmith

So for my universities final project of the first year. we were tasked with creating and designing a character of our choosing, we had a very free reign when it came to this project. I guess it's no surprise to the people that know me that I'd choose a middle aged blacksmith.

I pretty much knew the design I wanted from the bat and jumped right in. After a few developmental sketches I wound up with:

As usual with character design, expression and turnaround sheets were created. These were obviously good for modelling, but I feel they also really solidified the character as a person (in my mind at least)

 Then came designing the environment. I'd never designed a 3D environment by this point, and so making sure all the pieces were correct was key. I already knew what kind of scene I wanted to have, but bringing it to life was a lot harder than I expected.

Once everything was modeled (Using Maya I might add, I think this would look so cool in Zbrush, but gotta take it in steps!), then came the texturing, this proved to be quite difficult as you might see. I had to somehow plot were every bit would be, and considering not all the faces were linked it was quite troublesome.

Still, everything worked out okay in the end and here's what I ended up with:

Blacksmith Environment - 1st Year Final Project (Turnaround + Fly through) from Sam Cullum on Vimeo.

Female Blacksmith - 1st Year Final Turnaround from Sam Cullum on Vimeo.